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Transformation of humanity:
Shift of the Ages Via Our DNA

The story behind the story of human DNA
The role of DNA in spacetime and timespace

Using DNA as a source of ultimate healing and transformation
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  Spontaneous DNA and Light

Two different research sources cite the appearance of sponaneous DNA. That means DNA can show up out of nowhere! How is this possible? Along with this phenomenon is the appearance of light from DNA; what are called biophotons.

Biophotons appear in ways undreamt of. Here is an amazing article on the baffling results discovered by quantum physicists regarding the "Quantum Plenum" and "higher-dimensional light."
  The DNA Solfeggio

In the Grand Solfeggio there are three DNA frequencies: 528 hz in the Earthly, 531 hz in the Divine, and in the Universal 594 hz. These three DNA tones affect the DNA in different ways. In the Earthly Solfeggio, the frequency affects DNA repair. In the Divine Solfeggio, DNA healing. And in the Universal Solfeggio, DNA as a window to creation.

When examining the full mathematics of the Solfeggio Matrix, all harmonics of the Solfeggio System connect to the DNA in one way or another.


  The Science
 of Harmony
  DNA as a Fractal:
the Divine Center
  Unity Consciousness
Shift of the Ages



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The Secret Tones of Sacred Balance
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

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Like the first album, this album is embedded with isochronic tones, which interact with the brain to move the listener into a balanced state. These harmonious sound patterns work well with intent in bringing forth a state of awakening.

  GRACE SPACE: The Lost Tones of the Angelic Realm
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

   $9.99 CD Album
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Embedded within the album are isochronic tones of a unique nature, which interact with the brain, moving it into an altered state. Evidence shows that conditions in the brain caused by imbalance can be reduced by this state of synchronizing, thus enhancing a state of wellness.


The Heart Codes
  by Barry Goldstein

   $9.99 CD Album

Have you forgotten how to remember? The Heart Codes is a ground-breaking new CD utilizing Triple Number Frequencies that takes you on a powerful journey back to your heart.
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