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  Recommended VIDEOS

GW Hardin video:  The Tree of Life and the Golden Age of Peace
A short video displaying the connection to Kabalistic Tree of Life to the new Angelic Tree of Life.

Solfeggio Arpeggio: Ambient Electro Trance; that has been done in the Ancient Solfeggio Scale. There are 3 accompanying Solfeggio frequency drones; 528Hz, 639Hz and 852Hz

Acoustic Levitation Chamber: A scientific demonstration how sound can be used to create levitation. If only they would use a solfeggio frequency, they might be surprised.

The Rodin Coil: I love this guy, and consider him a friend. His work is closely related to the Solfeggio System I have written about. In the Blue Water Alchemy video you will see how I bring the Rodin coil and the Solfeggio System together with the Angelic Merkaba.

Nassim Harramein and his Black Hole Theory work extremely well with both Marko Rodin's work and my work here. The Solfeggio System has an acoustic black hole/white whole counterpart. This guy is the new Einstein in my book.
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The Secret Tones of Sacred Balance
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

    $7.77 (U.S. only)
      also on iTunes

Like the first album, this album is embedded with isochronic tones, which interact with the brain to move the listener into a balanced state. These harmonious sound patterns work well with intent in bringing forth a state of awakening.

GRACE SPACE: The Lost Tones of the Angelic Realm
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

    $7.77 (U.S. only)
    also on iTunes

Embedded within the album are isochronic tones of a unique nature, which interact with the brain, moving it into an altered state.
Evidence shows that conditions in the brain caused by imbalance can be reduced by this state of synchronizing, thus enhancing a state of wellness.


2-Album set ... Grace Space
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

      $11.11 (U.S. only)

The Heart Codes
  by Barry Goldstein

   $9.99 CD Album

Have you forgotten how to remember? The Heart Codes is a ground-breaking new CD utilizing Triple Number Frequencies that takes you on a powerful journey back to your heart.

  Ambiology 6: Genesis
   by Barry Goldstein

     $9.99 Album

One of Barry's best, based on the Solfeggio Healing Frequency of 531 hz. Great for body work, mediation, healing.

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