Webinars: Solfeggio

Webinars: Gatekeeper Effect & Gatekeepers

What you will learn: Techniques for eliminating blocks to the unlimited-Self … How to start a Gatekeepers Group …Techniques for discovering your Genius-Self to bring healing and transformation …  Scientific research proving unlimited potential of focused groups.

Seminars: Inherent Thriving &Info-Looping 

Nassim Haramein discusses some of the most exciting new physics emerging in the world today, especially as it relates to boundless information in an inherently thriving universe of life.

Nassim Haramein shares his Unified Field Theory about the structure of the universe, drawing from such fields as theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, and anthropology. 

Resonance Academy faculty Marshall Lefferts speaking on consciousness and the holographic nature of the cosmos during a virtual classroom event in the Resonance Academy's Virtual Classroom.

Seminars: The Supra-Brain

"Stephen Hawking Is Terrified of Artificial Intelligence" was the title of a recent Huffington Post feature (5/5/14). On the other hand, Stuart Hameroff, MD,  and Roger Penrose, PhD, have recently brought forth mitigating information …

This is the Q&A session that followed the Society for Scientific Exploration presentation.

The world as we've known it is at a frightening crossroad. Our institutions are corrupt, our religions polarized—some trying to kill the other off. Technology speeds past us as we stand lost.

Webinars: Misc.

Many arguments have been made about the threat of artificial intelligence leapfrogging humanity to the point of human extinction. Hardin, however, believes that artificial intelligence is nowhere close to overtaking humanity.

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