The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio

Segment 1 ... Gateway of Eden & History

Segment 2 ... How Seeds Used in Music

Segment 3 ... Q & A
The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio
     by GW Hardin & Barry Goldstein

The Webinar video has been divided into four segments so that you can choose to watch parts of the presentation in half-hour segments. Please bookmark this page if you wish to return later to watch another segment. You may expand the view by clicking on the four-arrows symbol (place your cursor at the bottom section of the video).
    Segment 1
  The Gateway of Eden Event and the History of the Solfeggio System

• Why AA Michael is using the numbers 111, 222, and 333 as keys to the Gateway of Eden Event.

• The History of the Solfeggio System ... the roles of Gabriel and Michael

• How the seeds of the Solfeggio System were derived based upon frequencies given to Dr. Puleo and Joseph Crane.

• How the Solfeggio System frequencies have been used to assist the Shift of the Ages by shifting the Earth’s grid through the angelic gateway and the angelic merkaba.

• How solfeggio frequencies have been used for healing and in cleaning up a bay in the Gulf of Mexico ... The Hutchinson Effect  ... and the tones themselves.


The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio ... Segment 1 from G.W. Hardin on Vimeo.

  Segment 2
  The Lost Seeds & How They Are Used in Music ... A Lesson in Sound Healing

• Attuning the Keyboard to 444hz

• How the Seeds of the Solfeggio show up in equal-interval tuning

• Utilizing the Healing DNA Frequencies

• Experience an attunement utilizing the 111, 222 and 333 frequencies within the musical piece “Eden’s Gate”


The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio ... Segment 2 from G.W. Hardin on Vimeo.

  Segment 3
  Questions and Answers


The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio ... Q & A segment from G.W. Hardin on Vimeo.

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