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Welcome to the first in a series of workshops presented by GW Hardin on “The Myths of
Suffering, and How to Change It.” In this first workshop, attendees will learn how to identify the
sources of suffering, so that consciousness can then be employed as a mechanism of altering
those source-realities, whether from mind, body, or spirit. To make this easier, Hardin will
introduce different tools he has developed and tested with groups and individuals. You will learn
how to use these tools to assist in removing blocks, constraints, or belief systems that interfere
with your living as an unlimited human.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
1. How the latest scientific findings can change suffering in our lives
2. Ways in which the Harmonetic® Cirq can alter suffering via tesseract technology
3. Group exercises in manifesting better realities
4. How to address the 4 main causes of suffering
5. Super-Archetypes and how to use them as tools in altering reality